What does The Law Firm Companion offer?

All activities are aligned to advising and assisting lawyers and law firms.
This includes:

  • supporting and assisting law firms with their strategic processes from conception to implementation, entirely or for individual sections;
  • providing guidance to the law firms in processes concerning conflicts and the development of opinions, for instance, by assisting with the preparation as well as the moderation of partners’ meetings;
  • individual coaching of lawyers, mainly of lawyers with management responsibility;
  • assisting lawyers and law firms with issues concerning professional law and liability law.

What can you expect?

The experience gained from successful work of many years as the managing partner of a leading international law firm together with academic activities and constant dealing with current developments in the field of professional service firms, in particular, law firms. The experience and activity as a mediator are important for the conception and execution of strategic processes because these processes are primarily communication processes which only function with the involvement of the partners.

Benefit and added value for you

The benefit for you: You gain a clearer view of the market and competitive environment as well as the structure of your partnership and become familiar with alternative models and actions. Thereby your organizational opportunities are expanded. You are put in a position where you can optimize your partnership, step-by-step – with professional guidance.

The added value for you: In that you have the focus on the essential, you make more effective and efficient use of your resources. You develop new business fields and acquire competitive advantages. Your reputation in the market rises. You will be much more successful than before.